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General Information
Decentcustom specializes in the customization of promotional products such as clothing, bags & totes, drinkware, office & stationery, packing bag, labels & stickers, and marketing material. Decentcustom strives to deliver top quality as well as exceptional service at economical prices in the market. Committed to meeting your every need and expectation, Decentcustom wishes to inform you of certain limitations that are inherent within the promotional product industry.
Due to the fluctuating costs in manufacturers, prices may change without notice.

Accepted Formats 
Various file formats for printing are accepted. We accept formats below:
Adobe Illustrator files (.ai, .eps)
Adobe Photoshop files (.psd)
Rasterized images should meet 300-600 dpi minimum requirement (.jpg, .png, .tiff).
All full-color artwork should meet our minimum resolution requirement of at least 300 dpi.
All fonts/text must be included with your file or converted to outlines.
All artwork containing copyrighted images will be subject to further screening.
Customers shall be completely responsible to obtain permission for the reproduction of logos, patents, trademarks, and copyrights. By agreeing to print any submitted legal and compliant artwork, Decentcustom shall not be held liable under any circumstances.

Imprint Colors 
Decentcustom offers various standard imprint colors and other available colors from the Pantone Colors. When choosing your imprint colors, here are suggestions you should keep in mind:
Light colors should be printed on dark items to contrast properly.
Dark colors should be printed on light items to contrast properly.
Laser is not for imprint color, but it will show as the underlying color of the product material. For example, a black stainless-steel item may show as silver when engraved.
Please note that we will not question your choices of imprint color. Our customer service may contact you to resolve concerns that may affect the production.

Imprint Size 
When determining the imprint area of a product, several factors are taken into consideration. These affect and create a fixed imprint range to which your logo/artwork may need to adhere. Generally, your artwork will be adjusted as requested if it exceeds the imprint area of a given item.
i.e. If your logo is 2W x 2H in. and you order a full color imprint on 11 oz. mugs with an imprint area of 2.5W x 2.5H in. we will enlarge the logo to the maximum imprint size. If you still request to keep the artwork size at 2W x 2H (inch), we will not resize your artwork. The exceeding of our listed imprint areas will not be allowed.
* Please note that Decentcustom shall not be liable for illegible or filled-in imprints resulting from requests that do not meet our minimum imprint area requirements.

Decentcustom will provide an e-mail proof to help our customer to verify imprint instructions, artwork or order details and inform the customer that the order has gone into production. The Art Department also reserves the right to send proofs if your artwork needs to be altered to meet our printing requirements. If no approval is received from you within 3 days, your order will be printed as the original design.
* Please note that proofs are an approximation of the final product.
Alterations to your proof must be in writing and submitted through our online approval/decline proof form. We may accept proof alterations via phone in the event you experience technical difficulties with our online proof. Please ensure all artwork/logo submitted is correct if you do not require the proof.
* Decentcustom shall not be liable for incorrectly submitted artwork.
Once a proof has been approved, updated shipping and delivery dates will be issued. Date of arrival is subject to change during the proofing process. Requesting a proof may result in delay production, that may affect your order to be shipped out and arrive in time.
* Decentcustom shall not be liable for delays resulting from the proofing process.

Gift Boxes 
Decentcustom is pleased to provide packaging boxes as optional custom items for convenience. Packaging boxes are shipped separately and require assembly. If there are no separate customized orders of gift boxes, the product packagings will default to the ordinary one.

All claims must be reported within 7 calendar days upon receipt of goods. Please inspect your order thoroughly immediately upon arrival. If your items were damaged or unreachable, please contact us with proof materials by e-mailing service@decentcustom.com.
Proof materials shall include all the necessary information e.g. incorrect item, poor imprint, shortage, broken items, etc. Attach digital images depicting the issue at hand and upload group images if the problem extends to more than one item. Decentcustom will require to view all affected items and will either find a prompt resolution or contact you in the event additional information is required.

Limitation Of Liability 
In all circumstances, Decentcustom maximum liability is limited to the purchase price of the products sold. Decentcustom shall not be liable for any claim or action under any circumstance, that exceeds this liability limit. Decentcustom shall not be liable for any third-party claims for damages against the customer, nor for malfunction of product, cause of delays, interruption of service, or loss of business.

Pre-Production Sample 
Prior to placing a bulk order, customers can require an exact free color printed sample. Please contact the Sales Department of Decentcustom to request your pre-production samples.

Color Matching 
Decentcustom products are offered in a wide variety of colors. While there is no guarantee of an exact imprint color match, Decentcustom strives to match your color selections as closely as possible. Colors may vary due to the production process of different batches or the type of substrate. e.g. glazes used on ceramic products. The type of material may or may not influence the final color of the product.
* Please note imprint colors may be affected by the product color. Printing white onto a red tote bag may cause the imprint to look slightly pink.

Rush Production 
Decentcustom offers faster delivery options on select items and various imprint methods, so additional options and processes may result in additional costs. The shipping method will be guaranteed, but orders may still fail to reach the required time range. Failure to provide high-resolution artwork may result in your order being delayed beyond the initial guaranteed date. Due to force majeure like the weather, the epidemic, the overloaded order volume, there will still be some delays in delivery. Please make sure the artwork is correct and not a rush finish. 

* Delivery time is based on the time it takes to produce your item plus the shipping time.

Size and Liquid Capacity 
Size and liquid capacity are noted in the specification of most product details (if any). However, the size and liquid capacities listed are only an approximation and should not be construed as definitive. Decentcustom acquires its products from third-party manufacturers, therefore it does not influence the size or liquid capacity of each item.
*Some misunderstandings may result from the approximate measurement.

Product Quality/Website Images 
Decentcustom products are intended to be used solely as promotional items. Therefore, products should not be considered as defective or flawed items if the products may have minor visual imperfections. Only upon the endorsement of the Identified product defects by the manufacturer, will Decentcustom replace the order in its entirety. Likewise, if a printing defect is identified, Decentcustom will replace that portion of the order upon confirmation of misprint.

Due to the nature of the production process, slight variations and imperfections in ceramic and glassware items are not considered as flaws. Due to Disparities in raw materials, glazes, production equipment, firing temperatures, size, shape, glaze, color, pockmarks, an so on, your items may come with variations. These conditions are within acceptable industry standards.
Occasionally, products may differ in color, size, weight, or height. These inconsistencies should not be considered as defects since most products are hand-made and come from various factories. Due to fluctuations in manufacturer costs, prices may change without notice.

Decentcustom website contains vast categories of content and it is constantly being updated by  our team online.
Decentcustom employees strive to be as accurate as possible when publishing information. However, human error is unavoidable due to multiple contributing factors. If human errors like unusually low, zero, or penny pricing occur, Decentcustom remains the right to adjust and refuse to accept this situation.

Decentcustom reserves the right to alter and refuse coupon codes or discontinue special offers at any time without notice to customers.
Decentcustom may offer discount pricing or free shipping occasionally, however, these discounts will not be valid on orders that have already been placed. No exceptions will be made.
Coupon codes are not valid on existing orders or clearance/markdown items. Coupon Codes apply to the price per unit only. Additional rules and restrictions may apply to individual discount offers.

Copyright, Trademarked And Greek Association 
Decentcustom Art Department carefully screens all submitted logos and designs. All artwork contained copyright, trademarked or Greek and/or University will be subject to further scrutiny, and that may result in delays on your order which may not be expedited.

*Please note: Customer must assume complete responsibility to obtain permission for reproduction of logos, patents, trademarks, and copyrights. By agreeing to print any submitted artwork, Decentcustom shall not be held liable under any circumstances.